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OK, what is The Meadows Collection?

Answer? We are!

Adela and Mark Meadows, we have been professional antiques dealers since 1980...The Meadows Collection is the name of our business.

Our logo...

...shown here and on the top of each page...is an antique raseur used in the early inns and taverns of Alsace and Flanders.  A wonderful example of French folk art, they came by that name because when a customer had a bit too much to drink or  became an annoyance, the inn-keeper  would set the house raseur in motion. (The French word raseur or raseuse translates to mean a person who is boring). Crafted of a fanciful figure in tôle peint (painted sheet metal) or, in some cases, zinc, with a counterbalance weight at the bottom, the piece would oscillate back and forth...back and forth...until it eventually stopped...and the person knew it was time to pay up and leave. Raseurs were also traditionally set in motion just before closing time to signify "last call" or last chance to place an order. Depending upon the area of France, these staples of le style  bistrot were also called a soyeu or a zager.

We specialize in folk art and vintage decorative objects that are a little bit out of the ordinary...and certainly never boring. We describe them as being...
Just as unique as you are."

You may have read our book, Quimper Pottery...A Guide to Origins, Styles, and Values, seen us on television including  multiple segments of Collectible Treasures on HGTV, or read about us in the Antiques JournalMaine Antique Digest, Country Register, or West Coast Peddler.

We began in group shops, went on to have our own shop, and have traveled extensively...lecturing for various groups and exhibiting at  select antiques shows. We also sell through our websites and our clients know that they can buy with confidence, as we adhere to the standards set forth by the AADA...Associated Antique Dealers of America, Inc.

We have always had a fondness for vintage decorative arts with a definite emphasis on unusual items and curiosities...including old, well-loved tools of the trade...any trade.

We also specialize in items that are associated with wine...whether it be growing the grapes, bottling the wine, or drinking the results! Not to mention our long-standing passion for photography and anything to do with food!

meadowscollection.com is published on a regular basis. It's turned out to be a great way for us to share with you the knowledge we have accumulated in our many years in the antiques business. 

(Note that since 1999, our love of vintage Quimper pottery led us to begin a separate website devoted to just that: oldquimper.com).

We invite you to Shop in Your Slippers...a click on any of the links found in the left column or bottom of each page will allow you to do just that...shop for unique items without having to leave the comfort of your home or office computer.

The Meadows Collection is about finding the unusual...we're not tied to any specific era or particular country of origin...you just never know what you'll find...and neither do we...that's what makes it so much fun!

  The Meadows Collection
     “Just as unique as you are.”



A constantly changing array of vintage folk art, wine and vine antiques, vintage photography and photographica, antique tools, etc., etc., etc.


Unique items...such as this old album of photographs of clowns from the 1940s...this is just one of the 72 vintage photographs in the album.

You can see more images by clicking on our link for Vintage Photography and Photographica




...or this 19th century copper rooster...

..that was once displayed on a belltower high above a sleepy French village...you'll find it on our Antique Folk Art and Curiosities link...




...or this vintage French carton de tapisserie...

...a painting on canvas used as the model for making a tapestry.  Great style and impact...it measures over 5 feet wide and just about 6 feet high! Of interest in many levels, it is featured in this issue's links for Antique Paintings, Prints and Pottery, Antique Tools of the Trade and Antique Folk Art and Curiosities.






We always have lots of items related to wine...

...like this old wooden tonnelet used by workers to carry their all-important  "liquid refreshment". See this issue's Wine and Vine link for information on this vintage wine antique and much more.







We invite you to Shop in Your Slippers...information about these and other unique items in our inventory  can be found by clicking on the links above left and at the bottom of each page!

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